Better in Our Backyard Proudly Supports Enbridge & the Replacement of Line 3

In the wake of Democratic Presidential candidate Jay Inslee’s recent statement in opposition to the Line 3 Replacement project, Better in Our Back Yard stands with Enbridge.

Enbridge understands the importance of protecting the environment. Replacing Line 3 is not only a safer way to transport crude oil that benefits the environment, it also represents a $2.6 billion-dollar private investment into northern Minnesota’s economy.

Enbridge has worked closely with indigenous people in Minnesota at every step in the process, creating many opportunities on Minnesota reservations. When stakeholders raised concerns during the planning phase, Enbridge rerouted Line 3 around the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Enbridge continues to listen to, and converse with, the communities along the route.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has made it clear that replacing Line 3 is crucial. It will benefit Minnesotans economically while reducing the environmental risks associated with an aging pipeline. Thousands of Minnesotans have signed letters in support of replacing Line 3. It’s time to move forward with the most studied pipeline project in Minnesota’s history – not backwards.

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