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Enbridge’s Line 5

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Line 5 - Why It's Critical

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Proven Safety Record, 65 Years and Counting

Built in 1953, Line 5 has operated without incident through the Straits of Mackinac for more than 65 years. Line 5 has been and will continue to be a critical piece of energy infrastructure for not only Michigan, but the entire Midwest.

Delivers 55% of Michigan's Statewide Propane Needs

Line 5 supplies 65% of the propane in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and 55% of Michigan's overall propane needs. A shutdown would result in a propane shortage of 756,000 US gallons per day.

Transports 540,000 Barrels Per Day of Light Crude Oil, Light Synthetic Crude, and Natural Gas Liquids

If Line 5 were to shut down, refineries served by Enbridge in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and our friends to the north in Ontario and Quebec would receive 45% less crude than their current demand.

Supports 1000s of Jobs

It's estimated that Line 5 supports thousands of direct and contracted skilled jobs. Many of which are skilled Union Jobs.

$5.4 Billion in Annual Economic Output

Line 5 is vital to Michigan and Ohio's economies. A shutdown would result in the loss of $5.4 billion in annual economic output to the Great Lakes Region.

Vital for Ohio's Fuel Supply

Line 5 provides 15% of northwest Ohio's fuel supply. A shutdown would likely result in an increase of fuel prices for consumers in the region.
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Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project

Enbridge’s Line 5 Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project (Line 5) ensures the safe and reliable transportation of crude oil and natural gas liquids necessary for heat homes and businesses and fuel vehicles in Wisconsin, the larger Midwest region and eastern Canada. While the Line 5 project is still in early stages, Better In Our Back Yard supports and trusts Enbridge to complete this project responsibly, for the benefit of people and the environment. Enbridge estimates the Line 5 project to create 700 direct jobs and another 400 new spinoff jobs. For quick information, check out the Line 5 Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project

Over $450 Million in Private Investment

From the beginning to the end of construction, an estimated $450+ million will be spent to complete the Line 5 Wisconsin Segment Relocation Project, $80 million of which will be spent in northern Wisconsin counties.

1,000+ New jobs in Northern Wisconsin

The project is estimated to create 700 direct Union jobs, each of which have a significant multiplier, creating ~400 additional incidental jobs in the region.

$135 million Increase In Wisconsin's Economic Output

The $450 million in private investments and the 1,000+ jobs the project is estimated to create translates to an additional $135 million boost to economic activity in northern Wisconsin.

+$85 million in Tax Revenue

It's estimated that the State of Wisconsin will receive over $6 million in additional tax revenue from the project between sales, property, corporate and personal income taxes. In addition, Federal Tax revenues are expected to total $78 million.

Ensures Safe Oil Transportation through Northern Wisconsin

Line 5 is critical to propane and energy supplies to the upper Midwest and has been operating safely across northern Wisconsin since 1953. The project’s success ensures that Enbridge can continue to build on its impressive record of safe transportation of energy products.

Respects the Wishes of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

In July of 2019, the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa filed a lawsuit seeking the removal of Line 5 from the Bad River Reservation. Enbridge is proposing the 12-mile section of Line 5 be rerouted outside of the reservation with approximately 41 miles of pipe.
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Great Lakes Tunnel Project

For quick information, check out the Great Lakes Tunnel Project

Safety-Driven Project

The Great Lakes Tunnel Project will house a replacement segment of Line 5 that travels through the straights. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of incident to nearly zero.

$500 Million in Private Investment

Enbridge anticipates that the Great Lakes Tunnel project will require at least $500 million in private investment – providing a much needed economic boost to northern Michigan's economy.

2 Million Construction Hours

An anticipated 2+ million work hours will be necessary to complete the Great Lakes Tunnel Project, and Enbridge has committed to using Michigan Labor.