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NorthMet Project

NewRange Copper Nickel aims to be the first to commercially mine copper, nickel and precious metals in the world-class Duluth Complex. Located within Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range, NewRange's NorthMet project features significant assets, including the NorthMet deposit and existing infrastructure like rail, roads, utilities and established supplier networks. NewRange will use open-pit mining methods to a depth of approximately 700 feet below surface. The project is projected to deliver 330 direct full-time jobs and 600 new spinoff jobs in a region that has been declining in population for decades.

For more information please visit the PolyMet NorthMet Project page.

2 Million Construction Hours

Once NorthMet begins construction, it's estimated the project will exceed two million construction hours - similar to Target Field.

Nearly 1 Billion in Private Investment

Total cost of construction and permitting is expected to approach $1 billion in private investment.

330 Full-Time Jobs

Once operating, NewRange will provide 330 permanent jobs in the region. At $92,581, Minnesota’s average mining wage ranks 6th in the United States.

$515 Million Annual Boost to St. Louis County's Economy

Between increased revenues in sales taxes, property values increasing, average wages climbing in northeast Minnesota, St. Louis County is expected to collect over $500 million a year once NorthMet is operating.

600+ Jobs Created Indirectly

The spin-off effect created by NewRange is expected to exceed 600 family-supporting jobs in a region that has been declining in population for decades.

Mining the Minerals We Need

The key to a successful green economy requires an increase in precious metals mining. By meeting Minnesota’s strict environmental standards, and with today’s modern mining techniques and processes, NewRange can mine the metals we need for a green energy future safely and responsibly.