Letter to Attorney General Ellison

Honorable Attorney General Keith Ellison
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 1400,
St. Paul, MN 55101

Dear Honorable Attorney General Ellison,

St. Louis County needs your help. Our population has been decreasing since 1980, while property taxes continue to rise. Local elected officials have had to increase sales taxes to combat a lack of tax base growth in many communities throughout the County. Good-paying new industrial jobs are coveted because they help support both families and communities.

PolyMet’s NorthMet project is critical to our region.

For more than a decade, project supporters patiently waited as PolyMet proved time and time again that the NorthMet project will meet the rigorous environmental standards put in place by the State of Minnesota.

Once operating, the NorthMet project is expected to employ 350+ permanent jobs, create 600 spin-off jobs and a $515 million annual boost to St. Louis County. The jobs, many in the Trades, will support families and help drive an economy that has slowly declined for nearly 40 years.

Construction alone is estimated to inject nearly $1 billion into the region. This will transform small Iron Range communities like Virginia, Hoyt Lakes, Aurora, Hibbing, and Gilbert whom are hungry for growth. These communities are counting on PolyMet.

As the project nears construction, it was inevitable that project opponents would reach toward the media, toward politicians – toward anything — in an attempt to sensationalize the issues and discredit the fine and thorough work of the regulators. Today, they are hyper-focused on painting PolyMet’s long-standing partnership with Glencore in a negative light, quickly pointing to false allegations made by other special interest groups as proof that PolyMet doesn’t have Minnesota’s best interests in mind.

These arguments conveniently overlook one critical factor – here, in Minnesota – in our own back yard – industry operates under some of the world’s most stringent safety and environmental regulations. And Glencore has been part of the equation for more than 10 years, supporting and sharing PolyMet’s and Minnesota’s dedication to protecting the local people, communities and environment.

PolyMet was awarded permits with strict conditions and hefty financial assurance requirements that must be met by the company, by the project, regardless of ownership. PolyMet will operate the NorthMet project within those conditions because they must do so. Period.

We ask you to see these recent requests of your office by environmental groups for what they are – just more attempts to draw out a process that is already complete. Help northern Minnesotans strengthen our economy and work in the communities we live in by respecting the state and federal process this project has so diligently followed. We believe that moving forward with the project is in the best interest of Minnesotans because we know we can mine responsibly here, better – in our back yard.

As a grassroots organization Better In Our Back Yard would like to provide a new perspective on issues that affect our industries and region. On behalf of our members, and the Board of Directors of our organization, we thank you in advance for consideration of our comments.


Kurt Doran, NTS, Inc.
Board Chair, Better In Our Back Yard

And in unison with the Better in Our Back Yard Board of Directors:

Nik Bayuk, Minnesota Power
Adam Christensen, GPM, Inc.
Joni Dahl, Iracore International
Rachel Johnson, Precision Pipeline
Derek Pederson, Laborers Local 1091
Lisa Rudstrom, Virginia Minnesota Public Schools

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