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Twin Metals Minnesota

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Twin Metals Minnesota

Twin Metals Minnesota is focused on designing, constructing and operating an underground copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals mine, located about nine miles southeast of Ely, Minnesota and 11 miles northeast of Babbitt, Minnesota. Twin Metals is targeting the minerals within the Maturi deposit, which is part of the Duluth Complex geologic formation. The project will bring more than 750 direct full-time jobs and 1,500 new spinoff jobs to the residents of northeast Minnesota – an unprecedented economic impact that has the potential to revitalize an entire region. 

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3 Million Construction Hours

Once Twin Metals begins construction, it's estimated the project will exceed three million construction hours - similar to U.S. Bank Stadium.

1.7 Billion in Private Investment

Total cost of Construction and Permitting is expected to approach $1.7 Billion in private investment.

750 Full-Time Jobs

Once operating, Twin Metals will provide 750 permanent jobs in the region.

1,500 Jobs Created Indirectly

The spin-off effect created by Twin Meals is expected to exceed 1,500 family supporting jobs in a region that has been declining in population for decades.

Mining the minerals we need

The key to a successful green economy requires an increase in precious metals mining. Twin Metals is committed to meeting Minnesota’s strict environmental standards while delivering the metals needed for a green energy future.

Private PLA Agreement

Before Twin Metals Minnesota even began the permitting process, both the Iron Range Building and Construction Trades Council and Twin Metals Minnesota agreed to a private PLA Agreement. Which means all 3 million of projected Labor Hours for the construction of the proposed mine will be done by Union Labor.