Better in Our Back Yard Statement on Release of Draft Permit to Mine

Better In Our Back Yard released the following statement today in response to the DNR’s release of PolyMet’s draft Permit to Mine.

The release of PolyMet’s draft Permit to Mine, along with the DNR’s draft decision to allow construction and operations, is promising news for the future of northeastern Minnesota’s people and economy. The PolyMet project will provide hundreds of family-supporting jobs and usher in a new era of mining, economic growth and hope for our region.

We’re thrilled the science says this project can be done safely. We trust the modern mining practices and technologies that will be used, coupled with oversight from trusted regulatory agencies like the DNR, will ensure our treasured clean water, air and environment will remain protected for generations to come.

PolyMet has been working through the regulatory process long enough for a generation of Minnesota kids to graduate from high school and college, get married, start careers and have kids of our own. Now, with the release of the draft Permit to Mine and the DNR’s draft decision, we’re closer than ever to finally realizing a brighter future with copper/nickel mining on the Iron Range.

The young leaders of Better In Our Back Yard look forward to participating in the upcoming public comment process and advocating in support of PolyMet’s draft Permit to Mine. We believe that Minnesota stands poised to become a world leader in the responsible development of these metals so critical to our daily lives and technologies like clean energy and electric cars. Because we can do it here – better in our back yard.


About Better In Our Back Yard


Better In Our Back Yard is a coalition of dedicated young and emerging leaders in industrial development who understand responsible industry drives our primary economy.

Lives and livelihoods depend on industries like manufacturing and mining and we understand the importance of this to our region. We recognize that in a globalized economy, our resources are often sourced from parts of the world that lack environmental and labor regulations.

We believe it is our responsibility to lead the world in natural resource development using our robust regulatory framework, along with talented scientists, engineers and manufacturers.


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