Image associated with Supreme Court Agrees to Review PolyMet Permits

Supreme Court Agrees to Review PolyMet Permits

Supreme Court Agrees to Review PolyMet Permits

Better In Our Back Yard (BIOBY) is pleased the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed to review the recent Minnesota Court of Appeals’ decision to reverse PolyMet’s Permit to Mine and dam safety permits.

This is excellent news for the future of industrial project development in the state of Minnesota. BIOBY supports responsible mining and industrial development and the state agencies who follow a comprehensive and rigorous process. We look forward to continued progress in advancing PolyMet’s project.

PolyMet Has Minnesota’s Best Interest In Mind

Better In Our Back Yard (BIOBY) is disappointed in today’s announcement from the Minnesota Court of Appeals on PolyMet’s air emissions permit, sending it back to state regulators for further unnecessary review.

BIOBY trusts PolyMet’s 15+ years of careful research, environmental review and planning conducted by PolyMet. The MPCA evaluated and granted PolyMet’s air emissions permit based on the actual size and scope of the proposed project. PolyMet has Minnesota’s best interests in mind and, when open, will create 350+ good-paying jobs for Minnesotan families. BIOBY believes that moving forward with the NorthMet Project is the right decision for Minnesota. 

BIOBY will continue to maintain our support of industrial development in Minnesota and PolyMet’s continual advancement to operation and production.