Walz Announcement A Disappointing Turn for Northern MN

In no other state would a Governor repeatedly challenge a privately-funded, $2.6B project that will infuse 4200 family sustaining jobs during a recession and in a region that is experiencing unemployment rates in excess of 20 percent. This is especially disappointing to Better In Our Back Yard supporters after the Walz Administration and Dayton Administration approved the project multiple times after the longest, most thorough environmental review in the State’s history. Our organization believes projects like replacing Line 3 can be done safely in Minnesota because of these very processes and regulations that Enbridge has navigated.

Tax-payer dollars will now be used on a court appeal process, with one agency suing another agency over a project to replace aging infrastructure. Governor Walz has turned his back again on northern Minnesota and the thousands of residents and local units of government who stand behind this project.

One thought on “Walz Announcement A Disappointing Turn for Northern MN

  1. So well written and to the point. We need to split the state north of Duluth. Our whole state government has gone completely amok on most issues. Not about the people, power and greed, blue politics at its finest.

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