Make an Impact with Move Mining

As northern Minnesotans, we understand the value and impact that mining has on our region and the world. Natural resources fuel the lives and livelihoods of not only the people who retrieve them from the Earth, but also of those who use the finished products. While we recognize the importance of mining, some community members still struggle to maintain a positive outlook on industry.

Do you have a big idea that could help to change the negative perception of mining? Now’s your chance to share it, and you could win $5,000! Move Mining is an event with the goal of promoting the power of mining and educating people worldwide about this industry that impacts every aspect of our lives. An online competition that leads to a Shark Tank-style event, Move Mining gives each participant the chance to get creative, work with a team and make a big change.

Every person reading this post has talents or skills that would be beneficial to a team. By combining the knowledge and background of friends, coworkers and mining professionals, teams of up to six people ages 10 and older, are able to conceive and execute concepts that will make a global and lasting impact.

How does this happen? It all comes down to an idea. Brainstorm with your team to come up with a concept that has potential to show people the importance of mining and the positive impact it has on the world. Once you have a clear understanding and vision of your concept, create a promotional, three-minute long video summarizing your big idea. Videos must be submitted online by October 14, 2018. After video submissions, the top five finalist teams are invited to present their ideas at the Shark Tank-style Move Mining event at the SME Annual Conference and Expo on February 25, 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

The first place winner after the Move Mining event will win $5,000 and will receive personalized advice from a leader in their field of innovation, facilitated by the SME Director of Marketing and Communications, on how to make their concept become a reality.

Are you interested in participating in the Move Mining competition? Learn more here:

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